Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I Aver That it is Time for the Letter B and with that She Swiftly Acquiesced to Receive AHigher GRE Rating and to Bid the letter A "Adieu!"u!!!

Unfortunately for Beatrice, no one had bequeathed an inheritance for her, or rather she truthfully had already spent her generous inheritance from her Grandmother on her singing lessons at McGill.  "Ah, souvenir trop doux, image trop cruelle"(Tales of Hoffmann)  However, the good news was that the beautiful blond Beatrice had in fact learned French while she lived in Montreal in a very exquisite and posh neighborhood that only the most famous of Opera singers lived.  (Her teacher Karen Hunt lived on this street whom Beatrice (real name) Patric greatly admired.  Similarly, the famous Evans who also taught at McGill and taught Patrice Diction and music history in Opera school.  Aah, this was back in the time that I studied the role of Juliet from the Opera Romeo et Juliette by Gounod.  This was and is still a favorite and may in fact be a good choice for the upcoming recital by Patrice and her husband Keith Rasmussen, ( That is !!!!!)

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