Saturday, December 26, 2009

How I Earn Money with Adsense

This article is all about A and how to increase your verbal ability with the letter A.  It isn't Kindergarten but there are elements that are akin to the letter study.  The affinity I feel for the aesthetic affiliation affixes my devotion to pursuing my ideal amalgamation of words that begin with a and amass an ancillary guide to preparing for the GRE.  It is anomalous and an animated way to study intensely at the level of evaluation on Bloom's taxonomy.  This section of my e-book will appease those who need to apply verbal agility with a circuitous approach that may be apropos considering the level of difficulty of the verbal agility section on the GRE.  A strong example of the arduous task of gaining aplomb to append to the end of your name; such as:  Patrice Rasmussen, M.Ed. Yes, it is for many an appendage that they don't need, however they are some who acquire these letters to gain accolades.  The accolades should not be derived from the masses but rather from God as we look to Him to satisfy and sate our inner desires and cravings for the self-actualize existence that we all strive to attain.

Fortunately it is not only the aristocracy that may acquire further education in these times but also the erudite who learns as a 'means to the end' and not just for the 'end.'  I would like to give you assurance that your work at increasing your agility and affinity for words will aver you of better positions in life and ascribe a degree of authority over what you say and the esteem in which it is held.  

In addition, I will attest to the audacious use of authoritarian sounding word and even at times if for no other reason that for aesthetics alone the word has autocratic value and sates the soul.  Soothes the soul would have been a nice choice of an adage however it may be better termed an aphorism as it is more of a philosophic stsatement.  Therefore, I implore you to consider the axiom that words have the power to avert attention  and to in essence 'drive the traffic of the web.'  

In conclusion, it is with awe and aspirations of being aesthetically easily pleased by shoes that I share my muse my secret teal writing shoes with you in an image.  It is almost as if I want to use artifice and artful persuation of the aesthethic value of my teal mystical writing shows to lure you to read more of my rhetoric regarding the value of my use of the letter A for GRE study.

Singing Secretly Away from A,

Secret Singer

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